All Your Apps in One Single Window

Declutter your workflow and boost productivity with Singlebox.

Version 2.13.1 (Release Notes). Windows 7 and later, 64-bit.

Also available on    macOS | Linux.


Web applications are becoming more and more powerful but running each of these web apps in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain. Singlebox lets you run these web apps in a single well-organized window as independent workspaces which you can switch between easily using keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, each workspace is sandboxed, protecting you from cross-website trackers and preserving your privacy.

Single Window

Single Window - Switch between multiple apps quickly.


Catalog - Add apps quickly from our curated catalog.

Custom Apps

Custom Apps - Create apps easily from any websites.


Notifications - Control notifications with scheduling.

Email Client

Email Client - The same email apps you love, but better!


Customization - Make yourself at home!